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Go-repro: a rewriting reverse proxy for testing multi-domain setups

Web applications that span multiple domains come with their very own set of challenges. As requesting resources that cross domain boundaries is a pattern common to many different attacks that threaten the security of websites, browsers restrict such requests to conform to with the same-origin policy: most resources (in particular if requested from Javascript via XHR) may only be requested from the domain that served the requesting web page.

However, as there are also completely legitimate reasons for such requests, various techniques exist for circumventing the same-origin policy, for example JsonP or the modern HTML5 CORS standard (Cross Origin Resource Sharing). While these techniques enable cross-domain web applications, the same-origin policy remains a source for subtle and hard-to-debug issues. Therefore, reproducing this setup in development and testing environments is vital to make sure that potential issues can be caught and fixed early before they hit production.

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