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Ghost container update: lessons learned

After two years of lazyness, my bad conscience has finally won: I have updated my ghost container. I have decided to rebease all containers on alpine — it is small, and it is based on musl instead of GNU libc. Ghost is first, other containers will follow.

Data migration from hell

As I had not updated ghost for an insanely long amount of time, database migration did fail miserably :( I ended up starting from scratch and recreating my huge collection of existing posts (three to be precise) from the markdown source salvaged from the old DB. After remapping some post IDs (to make Disqus happy) and massaging the timestamps, everything is back to normal. Would have been a PITA if I had actually kept up blogging — phew.

Config changes

I used the opportunity to modify my previous setup and ditch my data and admin containers. Data now resides on the host and is mounted via bind mount. So much easier to manage and backup :)

Finishing touches

Still on my agenda:

  • Switch to crane for managing my running containers
  • Replace my old (and expired) SSL cert with let's encrypt
  • Try to use caddy instead of nginx as reverse proxy (automatic cert managment :D)
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